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That US Presidential Election

Now Mitt the Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan
Were engaged in serious competition
The president must be decided by election
And they were up against
Barak the Obama and his running mate Joe Biden
The ultimate prize to occupy the white house
For a week many did cast their ballot
In the end they totalled a lot
Many had to wait in long lines
But for them that was fine
The day came for them to express their choice
This was giving the people a voice
At the end of the day the polls did close
But long lines a challenge did pose
The right to vote no one would be denied
Of his constitutional right disenfranchised
And so two, three, four, five, six hours they waited
Waiting their vote to cast
But oh for life in this age of technology
The age of instant savvy
For while some waited others proceeded
Yes one boasted for whom his vote he would cast
yes as loudly he boasted an announcement was made
The election has benn called and your man lost
While some waited in line their ballot to cast
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
I thought the Americans would have done things better than in Jamaica.

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I voted for a third party candidate Gary Johnson. I found out he pushed the vote towards Obama like Ralph Nader did in 2000 that cost Al Gore the election. I only waited about three minutes to vote because I went early. The blacks are happy that Obama is still their president. They say ignorance is bliss, so I'll let them be happy, even if they're being duped again.peace elephant chicken
We in Jamaica have a saying "if you can't beat them, then join them." handshake
Hi, prenge,
I waited in line to vote before heading to work. The cold while waiting was a small price to pay for my participation in democracy. After all, our military put their very lives on the line every day to protect our rights, including that to vote. The ravages of Hurricane Sandy did present many areas with extraordinary challenges to overcome. People do what they can under extraordinary circumstances.

Apparently, each polling district sets its rules on voting - early voting being one of them. The ones of which I am aware indicate that if one is in line before the polls close, one gets to cast a ballot. Although exit polls may try to predict the winner, until the last vote cast is counted and verified, there is no winner. As Dewey-and-Truman history tells us, even when newspapers report it does not make it so.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on That US Presidential Election. As for the Presidential-race outcome, I am one of the happy ones.
Hi gnj4u
Seeing you are among the happy ones no more need be said.applause
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