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Thank you (letter to mom)

Thank you (letter to mom)

Dearest Mother,
Here is a note to say to you some words I know I should.
Heartfelt sentiments of speech that before I never could.

Thank you for the sleepless nights you walked the floor with me. when my little lungs were sick and doctors were not free.

Thank you for the soothing sounds that saved me from the night:
For all the times your loving arms held me up so tight.

Thank you for the band aids and all your kisses too.
For all the words of kindness, for all your love so true.

Thank you for your lone crusade , four children you selfishly raised.
I’m sure that when he called you home all heaven must have praised.

July 2012

Lisa Hegler
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
It is what it is. Do not wait to tell some one how you feel, it could be too late.

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Comments (8)

Beautiful poem, beautiful sentiments Lisa! I can so relate to this. Very often we forget the things mothers do and things they are willing to sacrifice for their kids. I honestly think "good mothers" are wingless angels. thumbs up angel
Thank youwave
Hi Lisa ......this is a great write ........for me it exposes all i should have but didnt .........thanks for sharing ......regards n61
Thank you 61 for reading and your comment. I hope any one who is lucky enough to still have their mom or even both parrents around should take the time to let them know how you care for them. do it often. Moms go through so much. You dont know that till you become a mother and rais your own.
Hi Lisa, is this the poem you were referring to or is it another one? I am sorry for your loss.
Yes Niko. This is it and I managed to find all the words i needed. thank you for your post.
I am very happy that the words came to you. I know that it is a special feeling when they come to you.
Yes it is. Thank you Nico
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