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Last Goodbye

Love can be a sinister thing
Like listening to church bells ring
While you are stoned
Why can't we just be ourselves
And be like no one else
Who has ever come and gone
Why try to fake a smile
Knowing all the while
That happiness isn't there
Is it not better to have loved and lost
Be it whatever the cost
Than to have false memories to share
See you left me on one wounded knee
Your words constantly severing
Every valve in my heart
Should've known we wouldn't last
Figured it out after my fourth bypass
That we're better being apart
So this is my last goodbye
No more tears left to cry
I've shed them all
At least I'll leave with my pride
And my head held high
No longer will I fall...
(For your lies)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012

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heartfelt write...and yes....sometimes it is more honest to leave, than live a lie...that causes so much harm.....when two are past sharing......Great write Dementia...Kathyhug
Respect to you Dementia! It takes real courage to accept that what we have is wrong and it is best to let go. And it takes even greater courage to resist going back or taking them back. So many of us have suffered more than we because we don't have what it takes to accept the very thing they are holding onto is the very toxin that makes our lives unbearable. Love the sentiments and the Truth, Realization and Courage that pops up in between the lines! Hold your head high...for no longer will you fail! cheers applause
I meant .... have suffered more than we should...
Thank you both for your comments. Both are very true. It is hard to let go and walk away but harder to stay and live a life full of misery.
Hi Dementia,

It is indeed very hard to keep hanging in there if there is more pain to bear than happiness.. Not all things are meant to last and it is so much easier for all concerned if honesty would be laid once and for all and let go. It is so much easier said than done but the moment the decision is made, then it is downhill from there. Good luck.

No more tears left to cry
I've shed them all
At least I'll leave with my pride
And my head held high
No longer will I fall...
(For your lies)
Thanks for you comment Windy. Hope all is well with you.
I too have said a few of those "Goodbye's" with all the lies. Great feeling in that poem. I happy that you are stronger from your experience . The woman of your dreams is out there 4 u..
Gd share .
Lovely write Dementia,sometimes you know that '' man i need to let go'' but the fact is that no one likes to be lonely.cheers
Very true Poet but you can still be lonely even if you're with someone. thanks for reading
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