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to belong

the roar of water
floods my senses
my hearing intoxicated
my vision overwhelmed
majestically pouring
its heart out
over time smoothed rocks
dancing within the eddies

a dress of white
cascading beautifully
elegantly softly
embellishing the surround
to be painted in colours
as bright an inspiring
as the birds in song
to allow this natural beauty
to feel to live
to belong........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
nature's finest......

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Comments (10)

This so much sounds my kind of scene: It brings to mind a beautiful waterfall at Aire Force in the shadow of Mt Helvellyn near Glen Ridding in the Lake District.

A fine write...

Bill wine wine

Aire Force Water Fall
Embedded image from another site
Hi Bill .....thanks for the comments an awesome photo glad it brought you to that place ............regards n61cheers
I agree, nature's finest indeed! Beautifully described; thanks for sharing Nu. thumbs up Hope you don't mind me sharing some pix...

The little vermin in the corner was the little me when my kids and I went looking for the small Niagara Falls in Victoria,BC, CA
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Below I took this at the foot of Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite Nat'l Park. Used a crappy underwater cam because it was raining and snow was falling so did not come out nice. Each time I look at this I can hear the thundering sound...still as clear even now.
Embedded image from another site
Hi OK thanks very much for your nice comments absolutely stoked for the piccy's ...they are amazing yay grin regards n61
that was a supreme write, i closed my eyes n i was your poem...a beautiful serene oasis of calm.
Theses are some beauful and wonderful waterfalls
Hi KG .......thanks for the humbling words my friend ........very much appreciated ........regards n61grin
Hi Morgen ........Thanks mate .......glad you like the piccy's that have been sent in ............they blew me away too ..........regards n61cheers grin
Love this Nuwahri.I would also apply this poetry to truly loving someone.You truly feel life in your expressive poetrydanceline
hey poppyred thanks for the very interesting comment ........makes me wonder......hmmmmm.....much appreciated ...regards n61 grin
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