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Remembrance Day Poem

A lot has changed since World War I,
That fact is plain as day,
But we should not forget that time,
And this is what I'll say:

Our soldiers fought with all their might,
For peace they did fight for,
They travelled to a foreign land
To try and win the war.

The reason why this crazy war had such a strong impact,
Is that this was a modern war, I'll back that up with facts.
Before that time, the wars were fought with guns and bayonnets,
Each army simply fired shots, 'til victory one would get.

But things were different in World War I, 'twas no time to be lazy,
For many soldiers in that war would often go quite crazy!
I ask of you a simple task, it's one that might seem dire,
Just close your eyes and picture this, a sky that's filled with fire.

With mortar shells flying all around, and bullets everywhere,
Your clothes are soaked, your eyes are sore, you've lice-infected hair.
The food is scarce, your body's weak, and you feel really cold,
But that's no matter, you're a soldier, and you do what you're told!

Imagine how it must have felt to nap and have sweet dreams,
But then you wake to hear your friend, in agony he screams.
He's on the field, his legs blown off, the bomb has hit him bad,
So he will never walk again, what rotten luck he's had!

So "what's the point" you may just ask "of telling us this tale?"
It's so you understand that this was on a global scale.
What does it means when all the countries make and break their ties?
It means we had some enemies, but also had more allies.

I want you to remember what the soldiers had to do,
So you can understand the kind of hell that they went through.
I'm grateful for their courage and their sense of sacrifice,
Our freedom is the greatest thing, it simply has no price!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
I wrote this poem for Remembrance Day, to show everyone why we must remember the soldiers' sense of sacrifice. Enjoy the poem.

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We should remember hershorn, as if we don't then we don't learn from the past. Thank you for sharing your own thoughts of remembrance.

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Hi, hershorn,
I want you to remember what the soldiers had to do, So you can understand the kind of hell that they went through. It is very important that we remember and acknowledge the prices paid for our freedoms. May peace be the final victory.
I'm glad you enjoyed the poem. I feel that it's important to remember everything that the soldiers had to endure back then so that we can sit around and play on our ipods and computers today, or have coffee at a cafe and gossip about our friends. It was quite a sacrifice those men and women made for us.
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