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Life is like a bottle of wine

Wines comes in different flavours
Diffferent aging and spices too
Some are light in colour
Others are fruity too

But then there are the red ones
oh the warmth of their taste on your lips
they are the colour of passion
and the depth of a mature woman too

it is an honour to be a wine grape
let them squeeze the juice out of you too
let them bathe you, caress you and save you
let yourself go until you mature

The process will break and disfigure you
you're neither a sight to see too
however in time you know deep inside
that you'll return victorious in full

That day will be memorable
that's when your true beaty will come through
cause the waiting will be over
you'll finally be ready to be the real YOU

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
This poem i wrote one late summer evening, in the midst of thoughts about life, disappointments, hope - all in all life's experiences help us grow, the rough patches pass and we come out better than we were before.

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by Zuzua (2 Poems)
on Nov 2012
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