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Dawn to Death

Another morning, sweet coolness
Filaments of gold rising
The crispness of an early dawn
gives way to warmth
amid the rising mists
and day breaks.
And I sit here atop this rise
on the earth's surface
and I think of you.
I remember the crispness of our new love
and the way it warmed both our hearts
and cleared away the mists of pain
and awoke a vibrant whole connection
the birth of love
a bright new day.
The sounds of day awakening
Rise to meet my ears
birds sing,
the heat rises
and the air is hot
the day wears on.
Then the busyness of life begins
amid the rushing
oblivious to others
taking them for granted
we miss the signs
that bring us
all undone
and as our love grows,
then wanes, a habit
of daily chores
unnoticed by the other
Day fades into evening
again the coolness
returns and beckons night
I sit, still,
now in the cold
And do not notice
the fading of our love
that once rose bright
in our hearts
Night falls
day dies
And our love
into the darkness
forever lost
like the day
just gone
and I forget
to think
of you.

© PJM, 2001
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Relating the movement of love to the movement of a day. Again, this just came to me out of the blue.

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Beautiful and soo sad..nice work..handshake
Thank you madtat29.
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