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Stay out of my mind.
You placed yourself there, I didn’t.
Concentrate. I CAN’T.
Every counter thought I dwell upon is you.

I pause to rest my eyes . . .
And I envision your face,
Gazing at me with a look
That both tempts me and forbids me.

I repose quietly . . .
But the memory of your voice
Persistently whispers
Through my mind . . .
Expressing words that reinforce
That look on your face.

Stay out of my mind.
I don’t want to imagine you;
I want to feel you . . .
Possess me with your touch
Or . . . stay out of my mind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Sometimes, one person, whose looks, voice, behavior and presence, can suddenly, and often permanently, or temporarily, alter the entire course of the journey and destiny of another person's life. My term for this is the "Priscilla syndrome," so-called because of the effect that Priscilla Beaulieu had on Elvis Presley. Everyone has their "Priscilla," that first "one" whom we can never ever eradicate from memory, and no one else can ever truly replace that "one."

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Yup..i get that...drinking
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