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Alien limerick

There once was a man so green,
From a galaxy we've never seen,
When I asked "Can I go?",
He sadly said "No...,
Humans only dare dream..."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Popped up whist thinking spacey thoughts...

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Comments (4)

I was thinking this morning that this universe we find ourselves in is only one of billions of universes, that there is a megaverse that is like a basketball with all the bumps representing one universe controlled by a god. I'm dissapointed the aliens don't come down and introduce themselves and take us on trips in space, I'm getting tired of this mudball we call Earth.smitten transport chicken
Lol..i hear ya mc..we have similar beliefs sounds like...handshake drinking
I like your limerick fine
And I remembered one time
I saw a little green man
Four fingers on his hands
And huge eyes that XRayed your mind. studecar
Cool as hell stude...don't know how I missed you excellent limerick...touche
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