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Where Are You (Father's) part1

A place without the Kemetic man
A world with father’s
Affects the outcome
Of our children’s growth

We’re needed not in prisons
But instead in our homes, schools,
In our communities
It’s up to us we must positively show them

Teaching the children
Not to be foolish
Equipped them…see our women
Can’t do it all
Slavery,drugs & pistols in the hood
Was European’s final call

Another bits the dust
Laid out…stretched out
In a line of white chalk
That was the whole plot

From the beginning
They never taught that we invited
Mathematics, science and furthermore
Socrates, Plato and Aristotle (the Greeks)
Were not the first psychologist
It’s a farce!

Created by a group of lie’n ologist
We are gifted but were sold, stolen…lifted
From Sudan to Egypt
Worked from sun up to sun down

From can’t see in the morning to can’t see at night
Broken backs
Just to see our tribe fall
Prisons = plantation
Informed ones know…slavery has shifted
Now aint’ that right?

No longer brother's can we afford
To be MPNIA….in simple terms it means….
Missing Plus Not In Action!
Look how our young
Children are acting
Instead of reading a book
They’re hook on Flava of Love bullshit shows
Play Station Game Boy Video’s
Education is lackin’ now too many of our sons are packin

Calling themselves pimps, dogs
Niagga, bitches 12, 13 and 14
Year old boys screamin bout
How they… mackin, backwards
Nigga’s spell saggin’
It’s like the mental pilot
Is on auto ma tic

Destruction is what some say
Don’t start tomorrow or
Later greater we must be
Right now…
Right here

A world without Baba
Black fathers particularly
Is a travesty...have we become so
Closed mouths and eyes
That we can’t recognize
Or refuse to realize
The catastrophe

Of our condition
Globally…look around sometimes
We need another 1000 Malcolm’s to speak
Another Mumia, Asata, Eddie Mabo
Or Khalid Muhammad speech

As a matter of fact
Multiply that X to the fifth
No lift that power
To the 10th
Then divided into 360 degrees

Our children need academics
And our male face…they deserve to see
In all sectors…it’s gotta be
Teach them about Tulsa,Oklahoma
Not too long ago it was called
Black Wall Street

Reach out understand
Yes… Gotdamn!
We got to change it ourselves
Where are you black man?

Stand up Afrikan…
Seeds and strands
Descendents of the Kemetic land
Stop the violence

Mental genocide on street corners
Another homicide
Another night a fatherless child cries
Self to sleep
Time to really peep game

Our ancestors must be turning over
In their graves
After all they went through
It’s crazy
Where are you.?
Where are you
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
I wrote this poem because there's a cause and affect as well as effect! Much of what the world knows about History or His-Story is mis-
information or out-formation....particularly about the "original" hue-being of the earth! Blessings be unto you all

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Real talk....Most absent fathers do not want to hear this because they don't want to be told that if they had stuck around or came around, they could have possibly changed the outcome.
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