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My Forever Lover!

My Forever Lover!

In every anticipated moment you are here by my side,
With you as my devoted man, I’m filled up with pride.
You bring forth feelings that are unknown to me,
How is it possible, how can it be?
Your love is like an open door,
Wanting to know all, I search some more.
Our love is the key to our everlasting glow,
With your love I will just constantly know.
The true meaning of over the moon,
But truthfully speaking, I need you real soon.
I have a heart that’s over flowing its space,
In my mind’s eyes I can only see your face.
I’m here to fill you up with my love forever,
It’s a gift of my very own, I am delighted to deliver,
I bring it to you with my vow for all time...
I’ll go to heaven, happy knowing you were once mine.
The laughter we’ll share as we go thru life,
Will take care of all our troubles and strife.
We’ll walk hand and hand along the open shore,
Never having to question this loneliness anymore.
You’ll be mine and I will be yours and Gizmo will be OURS!
We’ll walk as a family never feeling the chill of April showers.
We’ll grow old together happy as can be.
Sharing our togetherness with friends and family.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
I have an active imagination....

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