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Letter to God

Dear God,

First, I must sincerely apologise for taking up your time
But I wonder if you’d considered modifying your design
Of the creature cloned from Adam’s rib called human,
Taxonomically, a Homo Sapien, as I’m very much assumin’

That there is need for vast and radical reform
Especially if you consider what is now the norm
So far removed from those days when Adam paired with Eve
Things are different now you know, so we need some reprieve

Firstly I’d strongly suggest you meet with Mr Darwin
Unless you are opposed and it isn’t too alarmin’
But it would help us all if you could somehow modify the nose
As in winter it is hard to breathe covered up with our bed clothes

I’d suggest a slot or track be included in the forehead
So we could slide our noses up when we get into bed
And taking into account, Darwin’s theory of evolution
Women could have two pairs of arms, t’ would be a great solution

After all, it’s only us who multi-task, us and the computer, and
We have to get hubby’s breakfast, while we attend to junior
I do admit though, now that we have the cordless phone
We can keep up with our work and not be all alone

For men I think it’s time to take away their other brain
As it drains the blood from their heads and makes them go insane
Why? Because they cannot multitask, so with sex as their only focus,
It plays havoc with our work routine, submitting to all this hocus-pocus!

You will have seen the recent news reports, if you have tv up there
Two-brained men often go bald, as without scalp blood, there is no hair
Another thing is with insufficient blood to their cerebellums
They are often not thinking straight and start wars and rebellions

Thank you for reading this so far; I trust I haven’t been offensive
I’ll stop right here, although my list for you is quite extensive
Perhaps I’ll write another time, once you’ve reviewed my suggestions
And please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

©PJW 16 Nov. 2012
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Just another foolish idea of mine!!

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Comments (3)

Clever poem. I think what I would suggest to god. I want the ability to fly. Teeth like a sharks would be great too, so they keep getting replaced when they wear out. The ability to hold our breath for 30 minutes would be cool, then we could dive deep without scuba gear. As far as men, I would take away the need to always be right no matter what and be nice.innocent chicken
This is so great my dear umfazi. I would join your petition with a little modification but all in all it's awesome
Thank you both for your very generous comments handshake
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