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The Rocks Await!

The Game is over!

Follow the leader all in a row,
Plunge over the cliff to the rocks below!

Right or wrong, don’t look right or left,
For when you hit it's certain death!

Down you go as all we will,
Down to Hell or up to Heaven on the top of the hill!

When it’s time you cannot stay,
For life’s finally done, you had your day!

Rose colored glasses broken, so beware,
It’s too late to pray or try to care!

You had your lifetime to do right or wrong,
The music is over to play your song!

The card dealer has called your very last bet,
It’s Heaven or Hell, he's there to collect your living debt!

Follow the Elephant to the cliff to the rocks below,
For it’s the place that we all must go!

Death's grave yard is our final resting ground,
Here’s hoping we don’t land in eternal Hell
The land of Way, way down!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Live a clean and happy life, for tomorrow it's too late!

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Comments (4)

Well I have to admit, I'm not too sure I like the subject, as I am a bit lightweight.....LOL, but you said it well.....covering all the points....Kathyteddybear
Hi Kathy,

Hopefully lighter verse will come! These poems on line come on suddenly to me and are a bit impromtu.

Although I have done an array of poems.

One being "The Dance of Death", another a bit of the macabre ...
"Black is the Ravens Heart".

It's like my short stories, I cover the waterfront!
From children, fantasy and murder stories!

Nice to hear your comment!
I prefer to think 'live a clean and happy life because it's all you have' grin But nice thoughts Jim - where in New Haven are you? I spent some months in Stratford CT

purple heart wave
Lady bee, How nice of thee
To comment upon my verse!

Ye be so fair, from Ireland there
And have a heart that cares!

To live the life, clean & happy
Because it all you have is apropos!

Thou goest by the name of Lady bee
Exceptyou are a Honey bee to me!

Thanks for your thoughts!


I worked in Stratford for many a yearen!
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