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The Beating of Ones Heart!

The Beating of Ones Heart!

It beats for you, with rapid palpitations,
Heart felt passionate loving sensations!

Passions of a remembered kiss,
Wanting more of your luscious lips of bliss!

Touching so lightly, opening upon mine,
Softness, heavenly so utterly divine!

Give to me your red petal lips,
Touch my heart with your gentle fingertips!

Play the strings of love’s sweet heavenly verse,
To be heard throughout the whole romantic universe!

Fit into my arms, my tender embrace of love,
So I can feel your softness, softer then a cooing dove!

Feel my heart as it beats true,
For all my love is just for you!

Place my hand upon your heart,
To feel it’s softness, it’s beats of true love’s start!

Hearts that used to beat as one,
Now mine is loving you!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
And the beat goes on!

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Comments (3)

Aww - JimEee, some day you are going to find one lucky woman!
purple heart purple heart
I hope you find her locally.....and all your dreams come true....Niahcomfort
Ladybee - Ireland
niah9 (Kathy) - New Zealand
Your comments made my day and filled my dreams!

It's such a shame, that all my dreams
and all the sweet ladies live so far away!

Especially in Ireland and New Zealand ...
I can name the above ... who are splitting my heart
in two!

The pleasantry of the day to both of you
Fair ladies!

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