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He is not easily swayed
As iron girders
That support
Great things
Do not do

He is a Dolmen of a
And few men can turn
Ice Age
To hot springs

If rough around his
His edges do soften
Toughened skin
Fill wishing wells again

He is oil to water
Beliefs firm as a
Stone Fortress
Keeper of his kingdom
And I, a humble
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
For Maddog69

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How cool to equate a man to a Dolmen! I live near a real Dolmen, the 'Knockeen Dolmen' in county Waterford is on the property of a friend of mine - so if I get a chance this week I'll go out and get a photo. Meanwhile, I found this on 'Prehistoric Waterford'

Embedded image from another site

Nice poem 20/20 grin

purple heart purple heart
Thank you Lady,
I would love to see your dolmen and yes, MADDOG69 is a dolmen.
OMG. Speechless. Thanks Goldenbehind. blushing blushing
Mad! You naughty MAN! You are concealing your intelligence!
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