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Mechanical Lust

Black beast, throbbing heart
Rush of wind, as you start
To pull away with rapid thrust
Mechanical master of metallic lust

Garbed in leather, on they ride
Swept along a tarred road's tide
Of sweeping curves, and winding bends
Man, machine, harmonious blend

Rhythmic hum of rubber on road
Not altered by the heavy load
As body sways with the motion
Of man and bike in locomotion

Man, machine, have now begun
A perfect union of two, as one
Out with throttle, gears and clutch
Machine responding to his touch

A love affair, machine and man
A lustful lifetime it will span
Except for those who turn faint-hearted
Man and bike shall not be parted

PJW © September 2000
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Written after many years of riding pillion on a motorbike. Even the pillion passenger can get addicted!

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A very sharp use of metaphor - a fine write...

Bill gift
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