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After all we’re just human

You may have lied
You may have hurt
You may have done some dirty work
You may have shame
But who can we blame
After all we’re just human
You may feel guilt
You may want to cry
But who are we to judge a simple lie
You may cause pain
You may be stressed
You may have done everything
Or maybe less
You may not care
It can be unfair
But who can we blame
After all we’re just human
You may want to scream
You may want to shout
You may have been down every route
All situations aside
Have some pride
Who are we to judge?
After all we’re just human.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012

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There's truth and very simple logic in this poem . Very wise words dancing
The ability to forgive oneself is truely a powerful force. There is a song from the 80's called Human by the Human League.dancing teddybear chicken
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