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Time is running out
Experiencing shipwrecked hope
Prayer is all you need
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Asking for help is the last thing anyone of us ever wants to do.

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I agree about our reluctance to ask for help. ...most of us anyway. You have beautifully captured human nature here Yankee thumbs up wine wave ...

Prayer though is not dedicated to just asking for help help I'm aware that as humans even some of the ones who consider themselves atheists or agnostic can or might utter a prayer or supplication when in the face of death or a trying situation...might not necessarily be directed to God but to a higher power.

I think this is what made us perceive prayer is synonymous only to asking for help. But prayer is not just that ...prayer is just plain real and honest communication, a conversation with God... it's talking to Him daily..several times...much like we talk daily, several times to the people we love. Practicing Christians usually start their days and end them with prayers...still they connect and communicate during the rest of the day..through ask for guidance, to thank for the blessings that have come... to pray for someone, to praise, to adore, to worship, to confess...and the list goes on... rose
Nice one
Short but powerful Yankee. Happy thanksgiving/./teddybear
poignant, i hope this is just poetry, and that you're OK dear friend,
love and light...
Yankee keep them coming
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