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he still kills

I dont know know to say
i dont know what to do
it only happens when i think of you
you haunt my mind
and destory my dreams
i cannot get away from you
no matter how hard i try
the only color i know see is red
as it slides down
the pressure is released
and you gone for a while
the metal sits on the table
hot from where it was held
so rough
this is wrong i know it
but no one will listen
no oneunderstands
what is happening inside my head
he wont go away
he never will
he has always been there
since i was a little girl
what do i do
what do i say
to make these thoughts go away
nothing makes sence
i doubt it ever will
i just want someone to talk to
but no one will
i take up to much time
take up to much space
how do i know who to trust
who wont tell my secrets
i have to go now
to try and sleep
but he will rid me of peaceful dreams
this time i will be tempted but will not exacute
for seven years now that i have done
it is time to stop this
i dont know what to do
or what even to feel
for now i will fake smiles
and happy faces
but in my heart
because of him
i will slowly die
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012

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Comments (8)

the pain of lost dreams and lonleyness is a dear dark friend in deed. the past is never the past so just put in a box and find happy times within your self and try to move on. death is easy but life is the hardest leson of all.
thank you for your comments and your words of wisdom teddybear
It's always hard to deal with deception, and heart broken. But what it is, it is by itself; and what is not, we have to let it go. Other way, our future would have no future, it would be hanging from a dead past. Thank you for sharing this storm purple heart
I hope you find peace in your heart in this life. bouquet
thoughts like these,
put the beast at ease,
make the restless breathe,
make the sleepless dream,

seek the storm that's within!
make the dark passenger fade away!

keep on going - don't stop!

I will be looking forward to some more devil

hope U'll like it ;)
Of all the storms we seek
wander within the raging storm
your words are only to wrap your life around you

The storm will pass
your words will always fall later within the well
of comfort

To be circled
and thrown to the wind
Your smile
shall be of one of beauty

your secrets held away and nurtured from your soul

you are loved



thank you all for your comments. banana teddybear
I read your poem,and every part of that i could relate to, it will pass.
Great show of personal thoughts put to words.
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