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An Ancient crazy Ox,
Once had a whacking job,
Breaking on the dance floor,
One too many holes to show!

A sleepy grizzly bear on four,
Drinking ale with a drunkard boar,
On board a rocking Boat with one oar,
Singing 'bottles of rum' from Jamaica to Singapore!

Mind me manners toward Capitano Lady Fox,
Upon the infamous pirate ship at Bencoolen's seaport,
Gives me dreaded shivers me back as she reckons me ransom...
Or walk the plank on her fancy at devil's watch!
Her bastard crews scattered around the world by misadventure,
Come crawling back surely from as far as America to India, Oxes,Bears,Otters,Boars and nasty badger!
Assign her coloured flags of the Dark Paws!
Get ready to sail and soar on open seawater.
'ALL PAWS ON DECK !' yell the first mate Mr.Badger at the aft,
Scurry me bitches of a pirate's whore or there'll be no sunshine on your arses!
And glide she did towards Shanghai's blossom ...

And on her voyage she pick up the grizzly bear and drunkard boar,
With a slashing whip on those Scumbags with her foxy's paw she gave in to her pleasure!

Beware merchants and sea travellers be on your guard,
The sinister Black Paws is coming your way...
And by the hairy a** of Bloody Mary have mercy on you,
When she prey upon your vessels on golden horizon ablaze !!
Ahoy there and shiver me timbers this take becomes hotter,

A tale of battles with pirates and the western kingdom.....

To be continued...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Something I happen spin just now...sorry guys i'm not very sea worthy of knowledge so mistakes are a plenty here but Dont mind knowing the words of the sailor's garb ...
Hope you like it have a great weekend everyone ...

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Comments (18)

Blimey! Tis a different tale you spin
What more there lies within?

Tres interessant!

Than Q Jimee ... Dont no why sisters keep popping in my heads ..these are the machos gals ...ha wrong tail ....lols
can't wait for the next serving... conversing applause thumbs up wine
Hi Morgen

This is definitely different, no motley crew assembled by R L Stevenson was ever more disparate or scarey - a fine write, I look forward to the next episode...


Bill wine wine
Just entertaining my dear Morgen friend

Thanks Kathy ...i hope I could follow tis tough act ...
Thank u Bill is really hard work to get a 2nd or 3rd act in poetry for me
Some of my late poems are still incomplete ...maybe somewhere in the near future ..
Great wee story morgen, looking 4ward to the 2nd installment.cheers
Selamat FiLomena aka Ww ...sorry I only no few tagalog words pahit me ,meganda and loka Loka
KG charlie ...a thousand thanks ...
Well morgen if the next installment is not posted soon I will have to send over OL Jack the three legged wombat to work you over

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
now you are truly hilarious my friend. But I am not surprised because there are some Indonesians who are in the Philippines and I met quite a few of them long time ago in school..

Salamat din.
Thank you steve
You had me smiling Morgen...''shiver me timbers''laughhope to read more......nice.
Quite a yipping yarn mate!..Nicely done...
I meant ripping yarn lol. Still nicely done..
Ss2012 thanks a million ...glad to see you again grin
M.M very cool shade ! Yu look like a rap star !!
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