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...Us Two Entwined...

She dances with the moon
A shooting star insight
'front a death black backdrop
& a million stars on this night...
...lookin' to a mountain side, without a single sign of life...
...but us two...on this alive...

One with each other
One with our nature
Coming to the number 2
Asking just one
Feeding on the energy
Soakin' in the vibes
Mutual common decency
With honesty in two...believe...
Deep in fidelity
Deep in debauchery
As her hair sways into my face
I hold her tightly by the waist... pull her down to the hammock... two...on this with this planet...

One in our hearts
One in our souls
One with the night,
One in our goals,
She is my woman,
Who I'll never let go,
We've broken from our chains,
We project from slaves,
To embrace a new happiness,
Leaving behind years of misery,
As lust engulfs us, to set aside our fears...

We feast & revel in delight...
With a passion as endless as the sky...
Love, our yearning appetite...

We quest to gratify our instincts.
A beast which lives within us.
To persuade the way the mind thinks.
& listen to the feelings deep within us! ! !

We are here to comfort...bringing life to a once gorgeous land broken by foresee...its future beauty...reassure its spread our LOVE across a chard & scared landscape...nurturing the guilt in us which another man made.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
A gorgeous night in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with my woman next to my hometown in the the recent wild fire areas that burnt over 87,284 acres of Pingree Park erasing 259 homes without a trace of the home being there. The state spent $38.4 million fighting the flames! It was sick & very sad. It was like nuclear aftermath in the burnt meadows of ashes...I have more writings of these fires in my back yard, stay tuned.

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