The Darkest Rose

Less fear scares me as dark shadows enclose
Under black shroud of a widow's blind-fold
Wearing the scent of summer's darkest rose
Blooms in a lonely field that death foretold

Eyes never drying when tears stop their flow
Nothing is as moist as the mourning dew
Nor stark the color of carrion crows'
Coal black feathers turning purplish-blue

Sick in my grief was love lost in the grave
More vulnerable yet lest I ever dreamed
Continuous fear wearing down depraved
Bitterness cast from the nets unredeemed

May ones' good life be made from what's gone past
Living in sweet dreams that forever last
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Such is an emptiness now found in the New England woods this time of year. Visting the grave of my mother, this sonnet is very darkly reflective of my suffering a deep loss, followed by a timeless bitter mourning from a death so deeply personal. Perhaps only in our dreams can such sadness be balanced by the celebration of another happier time in life and also with the hope of her eternal love.

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Comments (17)

Yankee...thank you for sharingteddybear Kathy
Very sad Yankee, and as the subject is one of such personal loss it's not surprising.

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
"May ones' good life be made from what's gone past
Living in sweet dreams that forever last"

Sad but what a beautiful sonnet Yankee. This reminds me of a lady who more two years ago came and told me as I was hurting "I know you must be really hurt but you know it is a blessing when you feel that are hurting because your heart is capable of loving". sad flower
Yank.!?!.you're a man among men..who shall receive the light of God's healing rose..?
May ones' good life be made from what's gone past
Living in sweet dreams that forever last

Dear Yankee,

this is a class poem..up there with the best of the best..Life is never quite the same without one's dearest Mother. angel purple heart
I share your love and lost of your lovely mother as one son to another ... Hugs
Great piece as usual Yankee, I hope all the relief for the badly affected ones in the hurricane has gotten their share of help.

Very Beautiful The Queen Of All Flowers Isn't She. And I Give My Gratitude As Your Kind Writings Of Comments. Please Keep Writing, I Love Reading Beautiful Writings From Their Soul.

Sincere Wishes,

Deep heartfelt Sonnet Yankee.. thanks for sharing. wine
Upon a second reading Yank may I say that for me this poem is a masterwork..
Yankee....this is such a beautiful tribute, to your mother. Blessings always...crying hug angel bouquet
[Sick in my grief was love lost in the grave]
wow! powerful phrase, I enjoyed the poetry very much in this write...
Hi Yankee

The mourning dew what an incredibly clever and evocative phrase... superb sonneteering as always...

Bill wine wine
Hi, Yankee4you,
Though the loss is great, the poet is most fortunate to have shared love with a mother so dear as to inspire such a sonnet. May ones' good life be made from what's gone past Living in sweet dreams that forever last
She smiles down on you daily , as my mother does.
True feelings .
godsprincessonline today!
God works in mysterious ways. For the anniversary of my Mom's death is coming up August 5th and it will be 11 years. However, you never forget and you still grieve - maybe not as sharp but the loss is so great that it never leaves. Sad but beautiful poem.

Kathy sad flower
southmiami4321online today!
Beautiful sonnet inspired by your heart. This one reminds me of one of my last visit to my father's grave. The cemetery in the middle of such a busy city as NYC. Such a dark place that only grief kicks in. The joy of the future and who awaits us in eternal love makes our past happy memories live...sad flower
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