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Siren's Call

Siren's silent call draws me near--
oh, I know all too well, this fear

Siren's allure is deadly fun,
especially if she is your only one
it's like a moth to a flame of desire,
Beautiful in its death by fire
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
This was something I wrote a few years back while I was going through a rather crappy cycle of an off and on relationship.

I was searching through my archives of poetry for one to share, and I thought this one was a good one. We've all been there. Had that one persona that drew us in beyond all reason. They're bad for us, we crash. And the pain is oddly one of the most useful tools in writing so we see this poetic beauty....

Sorry, I'm babbling. This isn't my best poem, but it's not my worst.

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Comments (6)

applause nice poem, please share more, you have me intrigued
Welcome abroad matey !
What you got for us in store?
This is a crack and we are playing Jacks ,
Full house you win ,it's your call...
babbling never Ari. We gain strength knowing we are not alone.
Loved the poem, simple wording , power packed.
This came up on the tool bar, and I love to see what gem is in archives....
I have commented before, but thought it worthy to bring to the lists again.....
I really like it....Kathygrin
HI Ari wave

Glad Kathy brought this one round again :)
well worth a read and very much enjoyed..few words that captured the turmoil of a Siren's Call so well..thumbs up bouquet
Very moving,potent little poem...elo..wave
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