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The story of Kittyhawk and her Lover

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Once upon the land of mobile chargers,
Lives a small feared kittyhawk,
Frighten and lost in the foreboden jungle of Xs!
She was trapped there for months and hours,
Until one day she broke her bond of matrimonal chain,
And flew days and nights until she reach a place,
A brook beside a very special tree called 'POETRY',
And met many strange creatures and friends,

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Perchance upon a handsome Nuhawk by another branch,
They got along very well and soon broke into song,
About marriage and everything in between,
Hundreds gathered to listen to their singing,
By late that evening a few remain,
An Ancient Oxman,two turtledoves by Windys,a Billkettle,GhostOwl,NiaKite,Adeli dove,Lori pigeon,Cafestork,SteveEagle,M.M robin,and a few others.

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When it was finish ,and Little Kittyhawk rest her head.
On the crest of a brimming Nuhawk the crowd went into rapture !
A happy ending is what we are after but this is only the begining of their story of love,
Love is not blind,quite the opposite for these fellows,
And more to come from the leaves of Poet's Corner,
Would you stay a little longer and hear some more...?
Until another present us of a bard to tell,
I leave you with the story of Kittyhawk and her lover....

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Adios Amigoes and Senoritas !!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
A special poem for OrientalKoru and Nuwahri
And special guests appearance.: . . Can you guess who they are ?

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Comments (7)

Danesh san...thank you so very much...this is the reason you are so sorely missed when you take your do put the spark within PCville! Thank you my friend and I will leave the guessing part to the rest of the PCville poets... bouquet gift
sad flower teddybear
Hmm just on a roll .. When it comes pours !
Still got an itch to write more ..maybe later .
I Dont know why a kittyhawk as I Dont even know if it's real but me Spirit had that name for you and I think it suit you very fine ..
Hey Morgen your imagination is undeniable my friend ......really enjoyed this .....thanks mate much appreciated cheers
Nuhawk! If there's 2 things I loved most in this world beside LIVERPOOL FC's mountain bikes and badminton !!
Is yours Trek or cannondale or Gary fisher ?? Wings on wheels bro !
Thanks for your words ...peace
Like to add to this ...Kathy it was your poem that got this inspiration if you can see the similar storyline ...
Yes... it did cross my mind...I love the way your mind works... awesome imagination my friend...did I say something about a quirky mind somewhere earlier? gift thumbs up wine
Yes fairy godmother this morning when I was asking for your advise ...lols tongue
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