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!Age Of Reason! (pt.4)

Do or die!
You or I?
Drink & drive?
Fly high.
Nuggs to fry.
Tell the truth!
Tell a lie?
Enslaved on ground?
Fly in the sky?
Pure natural death.
False irregular homicide.
Commit to suicide?
Decide to get by!
Excessive needs drive greed seeding endless tears.
By nature & failure to fallow through for the new year.
Sobriety. Yes sobriety is the biggest fear,
All f*cked up looking up in the mirror,
Asking your self 'how' yet the answers' still unclear,
Endless possibilities in the directions which you steer,
You only have control over changing yourself my dear,
Its YOU! YOU! Only you who can do,
The things you need to do,
In order to get through
Don't be like the majority,
Become one of the few,
Who knew it was time to change then grew,
From a little caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly,
Flew off to the colors of Colorado's orange & blue sky,
Not worried about missing a drink or time to get high,
Just startin' fresh, makin' change all to better this life!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Age Of Reason Is Now.© Is 1 of my bands names. About setting priorities. Life's full of options leading to situations bringing choices delivering many paths to different inevitable endings. Find yours! Have fun! Give love. Be joy. Avoid pain. Let those you love, know! Those you don't, have it!!!

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Aww i really loved it ! Enjoy life and be [email protected] And think for yourself dont let any other mass lead you ! i love it, we are not sheep as the government may think, most of us are waking up. just for a change, let us make the change :!)banana
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