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The illusive Dream

A quiet companion for an older man!

To be alone with so much desire in my heart

But she says I am too old and she is right, but …
I still am here lonely on this earth

… And maybe she?

I no longer can breed her need of motherhood

Not mobile to kick the ball of life

Cannot climb the rocky hills with her or hike the trails or walk around the block

But what can I do, but fall in love with you?

Wants a woman that likes TV and computer for her sports

A Dunkin Donut as her fingers plays upon her computer’s keyboard at home!

Listen to music of melodies of good taste and rhythmic beat

Good conversation of good memories of days that past

Of current events that do not last!

A quiet lady that likes her home, that is a bit old and no longer wishes to roam

Maybe a ride near the shore, to listen to the ocean’s gentle roar

A restaurant where to eat, a cozy corner to be discrete, to hold our hands while we do eat!

A woman to share … Where is she I wonder where?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012
About this poem:
Only the lonely would know!

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