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Intersteler home

I was born on the moon
orbiting Pluto
I never left home until
the sun came around
I caught a ride on a solar flare
to see the universe
But I found
there's not much out there

I spent some time
on the moons of Jupiter
I met some really
nice bateria
Living in peace in the craters
Raising their young
But still I hitched a ride
on the tail of a comet

I found a nice planet
full of water and people
I thought I'd make a home for myself
but there was to much screaming
I realized there was no place
quite like home
So I climb back to the sky
and floated through space all alone
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2009

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Comments (5)

alone in space got back home safelywave
Nice to retreat sometime,but life is a dream and full of never ending adventure, liked very muchpeace
Thank you. It is always possible to take a vacation inside our own minds.
ecm1013, enjoyed reading this! thank uapplause
So well expressed again ecm1013-love your poetry.Thank you for sharinghug bouquet
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