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Pollination of the Machines

Pollute my eyes
with pretty things
So I can't see
ugly anyone
Raise me like
a closed opinion
Praise me like
someone ignored
Love the mind
of your computer
When you embraced
by his glow
Show me something
I am not
Show me what's

Pollinate the machines
make them your lover
Turn your back on all things green
for what you discover
Enslave us all
by ourselves
Glutony is
such a bother
Razorblade bath
put on the shelf
While mutant eyes

Alien enviroment
leaves nothing to control
Inside my mind is where I went
a place most will never know
Survival becomes violence
as ugliness takes it's toll
Prescrition for the human cell
the perfect animal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2009

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Comments (3)

A lot of your poems make sense to me after i read your Psoriasis
ecm1013.I can understand the intensity in expressing yourself so strong with metaphors-brilliantly writtenhug bouquet
I write by only by how I feel, sometimes I don't even understand my poems until I have gone through that phase of emotion. All my poems are an attempt to understand myself more clearly. Thank you for all you wonderful words gypsyheart.
Strong emotions expressed here...thanks for sharingapplause
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