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Tendrils of mist creep over the moor like a living, breathing thing,
In the distance, a solitary church bell gives a single, tuneless, timeless, plaintiff ring,
Bell rope swinging abandoned as the sound hits the air,
A lone wolf slinks stealthily from his hidden,flea ridden lair,
The bells' echo is summoning the faithful unto prayer,
Chattering, skittering, fluttering, blathering, more creatures of the night are gathering,
As the pastor ascends from the long closed crypt, stone stair by stone stair.
And so......Every year, it comes to pass....
When all the unwanted, spurned of this world, and the next....
Attend their Christmas Mass.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2012
About this poem:
It was told to us all a couple of thousand years ago that even those of a disliked minority, or those that may live a different lifestyle from the norm, or are looked down upon for some reason, are worthy too and should be welcomed into the fold in the season of good will.
Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone!

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niah9online today!
I watched a programme today, and your words....stone stair by stone stair.....
this was the entry to a church in central London, where the surrounding earth, was far higher, so stone steps, led down to the church entry.....caused by the height of bodies at the time of the Black death.....the eerie feeling from your poem...for me linked both....
Great write Andrew.....Kathyteddybear
Thank you very much Kathy, very pleased you liked it...Andrew...xxxcool
Awakened by the voice of tolerance, 'stone stair by stone stair,
I drag my wretched soul from the dungeon of darkness.
I shield my eyes from the piercing ray of light that illumines
my broken body. My quivering hand lays a scribbled note
before the apostle of good will. The note simply read: 'Thank
you Andrew.'
laugh This is great stuff Andrew and brings me back a few years to when I used to attend mass on occasion. A priest one xmas read out as part of his sermon a letter from the bishop that basically told everyone who chose not to attend mass every week that they shouldn't come for xmas either! I always remember feeling angry about the pomposity of that sermon and I'm sure that moment played a part in the downfall of organised religion in my heart. I have watched with no amazement at the reduced respect for organized religion due to the incompetence and isolation of the leaders.
The idea of all the creatures of the Earth being welcome for one day is just so human and so fine a thought. Beautifully written sir

reindeer reindeer reindeer
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