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They Call Me St.Nick

They Call Me St.Nick

They call me 'St Nick' in my land,
Because I practiced love to all,
But then it quickly got out of hand;
The lie became my life's downfall.

I am not Christmas,nor a saint,
But am promoted only to sell,
I detest that they made me quaint,
So please don't rattle my bell.

If you love Christmas,give it back,
To the true King,Lord of all lands,
Only He can replace what we lack,
You're right beside where He stands.

So if you truly love Jesus,the Lord,
Welcome Him into your humble abode
He is the Gift we can all afford,
He keeps giving but is never owed.
G W (Bill) Marshall / Dec 2,2012
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Posted: Jan 2013

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It's a nice piece of poetry hawkeye but the Christians stole the season from the even older pagan religion based on the winter solstice and the rebirth of the seasons. But where ever the truth lies it's a time to celebrate surviving the darkest time of the farming year for us in the Northern hemisphere.

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