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Different time different place
Opened my eyes my head was gone
My heart skipped a beat
Asked for a divorce
my arm fell to the floor
toes curled up went for a walk
got stuck in the mud
hair stood up on back of neck
had a good laugh
took a knife
split the hairs in half
I had the final laugh
went in the house to find my head
found it in bed
making love to himself

asked if he was in my mind
He said no i'm in your sock
my foot jumped on the bed
Kicked the head
out a window rollin down a hill
right into E.R.
saw it on a shelf
My mind in a jar of wine
I went to the E.R.
saw my head found it's mind
It looked at the doc
Said now can i get a new
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2013
About this poem:
Just humor

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Comments (3)

I know this style - I use it myself when I want to mock at myself . It's so enticeing to talk to myself in duo - just a pleasure !wave
Very cool write kickit...thumbs up left me still wanting more. Cool way with words thanks 4 shareingapplause handshake yay
Sounds jarring and robotic ...lols nice but you still have to kickit ...
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