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old man

Old and weathered
Distant in the eyes
Pulsating vain
A minute has gone by
Seperated by years
A breath that once was young
Drug across the boards
Old man's feet
Falling face first
Down he went
Few feet from memories
Of his past
Crawling on his arms
Just a few inches
From his grasp
Memories of his past
Whispers carried off in the wind
His eyes rolling back
Never waking again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2013

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Comments (5)

Sounds like the old man fell down in some place windy and scenic, sounds like a good way to go, too bad his life wasn't more pleasant. Reminds me of George Burn's song "I Wish I Was 18 Again."violin santa
Beautiful, i feel he caught up with his past, lovely write thanks
Great write Mikehandshake Really enjoyed this one.cheers
Poignant write kickit....really enjoyed this poem thankyou!!! honest reflections of the pastcrying applause teddybear
Great,poignant poem kickit, I almost could "see" him and "feel" with his heart. teddybear
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