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When Nothingness Matters

My frozen world becomes broken in time
Splinters of beauty does cracklin' ice bring
Those gentle clinks of a muffled wind chime
Wintered valley hear a tolling bell ring

Smokey steam rises from a running brook
Drifts lazily through a dark barren branch
Across the sleeping woods might be forsook
Iced o'er water making the earth's blood stanch

Depart these last days of winter sublime
Water turning vapor before my eyes
Restless as spirits will rise in their time
Ghostly apparitions we need surmise

Castawaya dreams imaginary
Exist either whole or fragmentary
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2013
About this poem:
This sonnet is written as a sublime portals of slightly warmer runoff water enters a slowly swollen stream just beginning to rise with the coming of the first warm rains of spring over a land still frozen in winter time.

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Comments (8)

We have had it cooler here this year than last year, at least so far. They even got the ice skating rink set up for the kids. They are not using it that much though. There are spring fed streams around here that will freeze up in the winter, but you have to get it pretty cold to do it.crazy snowglobe
Hi Yankee, my senses became awakened, when reading. I can smell & feel the seasonal changes really enjoyed, thankyou4 sharing!!!handshake thumbs up applause
When Nothingness Matters its being at peace with your surroundings :)
Lovely eloquent sonnet always, enjoyed purple heart wine
Beautiful effect of nature moving from one cycle to another Yankee..Like Mc said, it is a little colder this winter it seems. Even in California it is deeping lower than normal.

Thanks for the read
Thanks Mac... Funny you mentioned it. We have a few of the old outdoor ice rinks left, usually just small ovels with a wood stove inside a warming hut. The kids just play outside like we used to anymore. I can remember even at night skating around and looking at all the's a beautiful sight...
Thanks for your kind comments Cherry
LadyM... Nature is our best tonic for whatever problems we face...going outside at all times of year is neccessary and vital to our well being...
Windy.... Thank you for your kind comments. It has been a colder than average winter across much of the Northern Woods...
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