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old love

Shot of light
through the curtains crack
there he sat
wiping off his shirt
smoke rings in the air
cigar hanging off his lips
he was told not to burn his tits
while you read dont you laugh
he is old and shakey
may pee his pants
dont be a fool
he still loves a
camel toe
shot of light curtains sway
smoke rings dissipate
rocking back his eyes closed
the old hag giving him
the camel toe
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2013
About this poem:
Were off the hook cafetwo

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Comments (12)

very nice and super original
Lol.. thanks morgen..
Just pressing my work..
hopefully open my thoughts up
jump start my writings..

I may not be off the hook yet Kick..I just had to
change my pants. Want a cigar? grin
Why sure,

Just dont close your eyes, or you may get a
Nice one Mike,you have not lost your touch a bit.cheers
Thank you my friend M.M. that is great to hear those words coming from you.

Interesting poetry. Its definitely different from what I've read on here.
Hi krc

Thank you for stopping in.. thats what i try to do is have something diff. then the norm.

Very cool & unusual write kick !!!!really enjoyed reading!!! applause thumbs up
Cherry good seeing you stopped in. hug
Between me and you we know who the old man is

Whispers. cafetwo. Shhhh dont tell nobody..
laugh good to see you posting again Kick..and in your "Out of the Box" style.. thumbs up

Thought I heard an echooooo..... of a name who aided inspiration for this fine write? innocent wink

Very much enjoyed..peace
Thank you ladymorgana! glad you enjoyed.

The echos of love. Being heard through the walls of the castle.
Didnt realize how much of a cougar she is... laugh
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