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Beckoning Your Grace

Sunrise spilling light o'er a frozen lake
Still casting in deep shades of icy blue
Color back to a colder darkness make
Transparent crystals shining light its hue

For we the weary travellers of time
Casting out upon our journey will take
In the moment day beckons the sublime
A shining significance each snow flake

For only in your light does darkness shrink
Those colorless memories the night voids
Looking out from eyes of a desert sphinx
Over a sleeping world that life devoids

Shining bright every day from deep space
Giving us life by beckoning your grace
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2013
About this poem:
A mostly spiritual sonnet contrasting life and nature and immortality to the proximity of sunlight.

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Comments (17)

Lovely imagery Yanks,its amazing what a great mind can whip up.cheers
Hi Yankee,

Beautifully written. Those reflective moments in Nature are truly worth transforming into poetry. cheers
Yes Yankee, the sun is indeed the source that brings life to all on our earth and perhaps beyond...TY for sharing..
Beautiful reflective imagery Yankee.. and a fine sonnet

Shining bright every day from deep space
Giving us life by beckoning your grace
wine bouquet
Picture you painted outstanding.
The words created even more so.

Poet1 Your comments are most gracious....although somewhat exaggerated my friend hahahandshake handshake
Rob, Nature provides such a rich canvas for so many inspirations and thoughts and artistic expressions. It is life itself that becomes devoid away from the nurture that is nature.
Windy, Precisely how far beyond our world exists life as we know it is such a mind provoking premise for some and yet great astonishment for others.
LadyM.. I am truly inspired by the seasonality of light on earth.
Imagery often is only a reflection of our imagination, a reflection of what is; whereas poetic impression is more about what we can make it become. Thank you for sharing you comments.
I especially like how you phrased the second stanza yet, the entire write is truly lovely rose
Beautifultoyou, Thank you for reading.. handshake
You kinna outdone yourself with this eloquent sonnet
Yank. You put heart and soul.into this with that classical
Hey Cafe Thanks!!! Always great to hear you when you chime in. You know I always liked Walt Whitman and his fastination with 'grass', but up here in the north country we got a lot more snowflakes than we got blades of grass... so there I'm saying in some cool wine
Hi Yankie

Enjoyed reading I could almost hear the wonderful Norah Jones singing this little number... loved it...hug
Hi Rapture... do you know Nora? Like a flower waiting to bloom? I love her too..... She turns me on ! hug
[Those colorless memories the night voids]

nice, strong poetic phrase laden with nuance and meaning, thank you...
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