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Happy Valentine's Day, to Me!

Alone on a night made for love
You’d think that I might want to cry
But I sit here happy in thought
Heart soaring, I just want to fly

Tonight I have love for myself
No catering to another’s needs
True to my heart’s desires
Nothing to make it bleed

Nobody here to break my heart
A glass of wine in my hand
I toast to a beautiful evening
One without a man

This might make you feel lonely
But happy and brave is my call
I’ve learned to love myself
And that’s the best love of all

My blessings to all those in love
As romance is beautiful too
Just remember to love yourself
And to your heart be true
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2013

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a hug and a vicious kiss
to tell you how special you are
not to me but poets corner as a whole
you give love even without knowing

your unique words and deeds
brings about a special kind of love
for every lonely man and woman
for this only girl I love you
Awesome CloudySky! cheers

A wonderful write

roserose roseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroserose
Hi CloudySky

I salute you... I shall toast a glass of wine to you
I love the poem a wonderful happy read...
Thank you for your lovely words and thoughts. thumbs up bouquet applause
Thank you for sharing the truthful poem - Love really starts from ourselves : only a loving heart is ready to love and be loved. It is strong enough to stay on its own ,too , if the circumstances are in the require .teddybear
Skywave bouquet
What a magnificent jewel of a poem Cloudy.
You have a great and wise message for all..
May the maidens be joyed to know they are
Ps..But the knights are still on the
Bravo!applauseThis is great a write indeed. handshake
Awesome write!! Cloudysky.....Thanks4sharing....applause cheering applause
niah9online today!
until we love ourself, we cannot love another....
Now that confused me, but now I knoow it's true...
And the peace you had CloudySky, makes you stronger in the life ahead, because you will meet someone...soon.....
CloudySky, Very interesting and much better than feeling sorry for yourself because HE is not there ! studecar wine
Thank you all so much for you very kind remarks. It is a great feeling to be confident in ourselves. Just think....if you are alone on Valentine's Day there is no fear of a break up! laugh Hope you all found love in your heart to share on Valentine's Day and every day of the year. wave
Hi, CloudySky,
I've been eating Dove heart-shaped dark-chocolates wrapped in messages, finding too many which say "Be Your Own Valentine". Your poem nicely wraps up this sentiment in a poetic package that provides an uplifting perspective. Thank you for sharing.
My blessings to all those in love
As romance is beautiful too
Just remember to love yourself
And to your heart be true

Cloudy, how are you? Been in the San Diego area last month and it was raining so hard.

anyways, what a great line specially the last four Cloudy. Yes love should foster everything that sorrounds us including but not limited to ourselves when we are in love. But mostly is the ability to lock ourselves and hold onto that love so it will survive all difficulties and believe in it.

Love it.

Thanks for sharing.

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