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D.N.E. Sounds free to me...
Death never ending, is breath never spending...
Wasted words. A memory lasts a life time...
Act like you heard...
Trying to pour out, emotions of doubt, my frozen heart,
in tangled webs, free falling, cold & bloody,
my soul has left behind a lifeless mess of a broken body!
I want to stay in the fight but I may just lay still,
the predator is devouring it's prey, it's meal, I feel, the steel teeth,
sink down to the bone,
while American's are striped of their rights & taken from their homes,
as the weak is beaten to think the powerful is high & mighty,
held down by the clenching grip of society, hold me before I slip,
I'm far from sobriety, I'm not worried about a mess,
it'll be cleaned by the rest...
The wind, the rain, the dirt, the pain...
Laying down to D.N.E. I feel so blessed...
Frustration is flowing, my brain is going to it's dark castle.
Then frustration overflows & my HomeGrownAnger grows,
I have non of my bro's, only foes & anything goes,
I'll take you off your ten toes & be sure everyone knows,
my pain as lame by name for nothing has changed it's all the same!
Your crawling under my skin,
I'm lashing out, reaching out, digging deep with in,
with one last gasp it's hard to grasp pushing forward forgetting the past, searching deep with in.
I can feel the energy of the past, living with the present,
I try to stay on the path, my eyes, my feet, my mind doesn't,
nothing lines up, makes sense, or looks the same,
I'm lost in the world on unfamiliar terrain!
My time is spoiled, I will wash away my flaws,
My pain has done me in & now I have no cause!

Drugs...shoulder shrugs...infest frustrated mind...with HomeGrownAnger!
Blended to a pattern...routine a high elevation of my HomeGrownAnger!
Drugs frustrating...& already hating...infected regurgitating...isolating in a routine pattern of HomeGrownAnger!
Searching for a stranger...s*xual danger...boiling over...ready to snap!
It's too late, I can't go back!

Unforeseen lies & disloyalty's, leave no sympathy!
Your ten fingered collar & chains keep this dog subdued!
Your lack of gratitude, has us unglued, living life separately!
Outrageously, unholy, carelessness of others misery!
Your ten fingered collar & chains keep this dog subdued!
Your f#ck!ng attitude, makes me come unglued, with a rage of fury!
Furiously, controlling, rolling on me killing me so you can finally bury me in my cage of fury!
I used to hold you high...
I held you like my trophy...
You held me my neck...trying to choke me!!!

Austin J. Frick
Age Of Reason Is Now
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2013
About this poem:
Bwlah bwlah bwlah! Its how i felt & it speaks its self!

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mcradloffonline today!
There is certainly plenty to anger a person in this country of ours. I saw a license plate that read INCM TAX. I'd say that person if fed up with the legalized theft to pay for a bloated system that threw the thrifty working class overboard 100 years ago. The gun deaths in this country are around 11,000. If you took South Africa's rate at 50 a day, that would be like 110,000 here. very mad frustrated uh oh
I feel you!!! Very deep write!!! Emotionally stirs up a lot of anguish & distress, to the mind. Although difficult to see at these uncertain times, look for positive energy.....though provoking write though, now is all. I see you put your heart & soul, in how you express your feelings!!! Great quality to have!!! Thanks4sharing...applause applause
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