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I've been constantly becoming what I fear the most,
That sh!t is grose!
Addiction runs further than the eye can see,
I need you to see...this place...inside...
Time after time,
Questioning love clouds my mind,
As slumbering into frantic frustration!
I've been called a failure too many times,
As I'm stepping towards total annihilation!
I fear I'm becoming what others want me to become,
Open your eyes & you'll see where all my hatred comes from!
Look inside my head!
Look inside my ugly skull!
Look at my stupid f#ck!ng brain that always got me F's in school!
A memory in a whisper, standing in fields of fire!
Unbound ability to play with unspoken fears & desires!
A labeled land where wearing grin provokes sin to win unstable man with in a system is just that...a system.

Question after question,
No more answers for suggestion,
As I'm melting to my perfect level of anger!
Constantly lying & causing your drama,
All the while you were pointing your finger!
This situation at hand is overwhelming me,
My minds drifted far from it's realm,
I can hardly see, what's in front of me?
My mind tries to disregard the memory!
Losing, junkie, addict! Choosing misery & heavy static!
I know I'll be O.K. so long as double D is in the attic!
Look inside my head!
Look inside my ugly dome!
Look at my stupid f#ck!ng brain that always took me so far from home!
Listen to the whisper, swept off to fields of fire!
Playing with unspoken fear & desire!
Liars win sin & wear their label at the table of the law with a grin laughing with in a system is just that...a system!

Fight after fight,
Nurture my soul tonight,
As I rest in your clouds of ecstasy!
Only you can put me back together 'cause,
You are the one who has made this mess of me!!!
Something won't allow me to float above,
I can't shove these feelings aside to hide them!
Sooner or later my wondering mind will find them!
Only time will tell,
So I'm forced to wait until then,
To show my love to you & put it all out in the open!!!
Look inside my head!
Look inside my filthy brain!
Look at this stupid f#ck!ng brain that always brought me so much pain!!!!!
I hear the faint memory like a whisper of my mind dappers inside calling out tears of fire!
I have the ability to play with unspoken fears & desires!
Releasing life & death, can't get any higher!
Reborn I smile I win.
Dying I cast a grin.
Deaths dirty sin.
Not even death can stop whats with in! a that.

...a system...

Austin J. Frick
Age Of Reason Is Now
May 2005-June 2007.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2013
About this poem:
Its a system. This was the second song i ever wrote and i took my time on it! It was well worth it! Enjoy! BTW! feed back on all material is greatly appreciated!!! Also I would be happy to answer any questions any one may have regarding any of my material. Every piece has a story!

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