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Happy Halloween

Happy hallow-f#ck!n-ween,
you shallow, shallow f#ck!ng being.
What should I be?
Am I not already?
Can't you f#ck!ng see?
This is what you've made me!
What the hell are you?
A naughty nurse?
A dirty liar.
A police woman?
A cheerleader?
Any of these typical skanky things?
Or at home?
With Stella?
Thinking of we.
This back & forth in my mind everyday is f#ck!ng killing me!
It's like I'm fighting myself.
My love fights for you,
it wants to believe.
My hate burns for you,
it wants you to bleed.
I want something new to off set the need.
I tear myself apart for you,
No one is near to plead... roots... life... family... seed...

Happy Halloween.
Austin J. Frick
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2013

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Comments (3)

Wow...I hate that crazy feeling...crazy kinda lovefrustrated I don't like feeling that way about someone!!! Anymore....I want something New to offset this need
I tear myself apart, for you. No one is near to plead.....bouquet
Offset that need, only form of being free.....peace yay heart wings
Coolness...Halloween is my bday...neat play on words bro, so many wear masks...drinking
Thank you both very much for your thoughts & words. I really do appreciate you taking the time to drop a line. CherryYou got it! The true freedom! & very true as well many do wear masks! masks upon masks lol I party hard on your birthday every year bro!!!!!!!!
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