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Sanctuary of my Savior.

You my savior in the night as I tried to take my life.
Your love was strong as it helped me hang on to the light.
You opened my eyes, made me feel better about your lie's.
You said we'd work at it, be together in time!
But I was the fool sitting alone in a new sun rise.
You ran off to be with another guy.
I knew I was in for a big surprise,
so I sit & wonder why I AM STILL ALIVE! ! !
You should've just let me go!
Why couldn't you just let me do what you do not know?
Its been like this for quite some time,
its not like you know whats going on in my mind!
Not like I know whats really going on in your life.
Whats to keep this from repeating? To keep us from the beatings?
Your happiness insight of knowing I'm actually leaving!
You would have shed a tear, if you believed in what we had,
as our future ends abruptly & a daughter loses her dad.
Frantically, she looks for him to come back,
searching for her love, reaching for her facts,
bleeding her disgust as the blood's seeping into the cracks,
abides by the love,
to show me her choice reacts from the life it impacts most!
Life is full of choices,
this is what is chose... allow my words to play my ghost... a parasite it harms the host...
I asked her to DO ONE SIMPLE THING!
Look into my eyes & start leveling.
Deep breaths are calming,
she refuses as she's falling,
then she bruises. Alarming.
Life is a B!TCH!
Little insects harming!
Go ahead & scratch the ITCH!
so i tell myself f#ck your feelings just tell it how it is,
my mind over body helps me go painless,
but it does nothing for my anger,
which in turn makes me dangerous,
from the pride inside i lied...
from the truth & beatings we hide...
to hundreds of miles away i'll drive...
to acquire the meaning in my own green eye...

Austin J. Frick
Age of Reason Is Now.
Feb. 2011.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2013
About this poem:
% of $! @ Mile High City & *'s make dreams or do my dreams make me A *??????????????????

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