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In God's Hands

January 15, 2013 - Dedicated To My Mother, Gayle

I sift through memories once forgotten,
as echoes of “then” fill my mind tonight.
Memories which span our lives together,
flash between those spaces, blindingly bright!

I imagine a sponge absorbs the sickness,
and gathers from you each affected cell.
A sponge to collect every ounce of pain,
laminating you in this living hell.

Sorrow has a name we dare not mention.
A word known by far too many these days.
A word that claims the lives of our loved ones,
after leaving them altered in tragic ways.

Those memories reveal the distant laughter,
which long ago filled me with joy and hope.
I witness you now, mom, struggling to breathe,
to stand, to walk, to find strength and cope.

In spite of it all, you endure with grace,
and I admire your courage with pride.
Some days we don’t have to ask how your are,
your eyes tell the story you can not hide.

There are so many things we’ve finally shared.
Forgiveness has opened love’s blessed door.
The past gets to keep what does not serve us,
so we can say: I couldn’t love you more.

Funny how vivid those memories are.
The ones where you held me, and all was right.
One day they’ll be all I have left of you...
As always, I place you in God’s hands tonight.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2013
About this poem:
I lost my mother late morning saturday on February 23rd. I am doing my best to stay busy, positive and I know it is a better thing that her suffering is over. My heart will heal in time and this deep ache will lighten. Right now I miss her with every part of my being. My thoughts have been focused on her for months now. RIP

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Comments (15)

We have only one mother.

will say a prayer for you both.
God bless you Celtic.
Sincere thoughts and prayers, to you & your family Celtic at this sorrowful time...
Beautiful tribute to your mother Celtic!!...blessings always affectionety yourssad flower angel bouquet
Hi, CelticPoet12, we can say: I couldn’t love you more. I extend to you my condolences, thankful that you and your mom were able to share this meeting of hearts. May thoughts like The ones where you held me, and all was right bring you comfort as you pass through this time of great loss. In deepest sympathy.
Thank you ALL for your kind words and sweet blessings. I feel so blessed that I had my mom for as long as I did. I've watched her suffer more than any one person should be allowed and still she smiled. She is an inspiration and I am so grateful for the conversation we had the morning before she passed. She cried and told me how disheartened she was for all her fight and efforts, she couldn't shake this thing enough to scrap out a bit more quality of life. She lived for her family and we had to finally tell her it was ok to let go. As hard as that was, she did, two hours later. I smiled when I got the news, then cried my heart out. When the grief settles, I plan to make a wonderful tribute to my mother, that will hopefully be passed along to the generations of this family to come. That makes me smile too. Thank you ALL for sharing the love. I need some sparkling prayers sent my way.
So sorry if that was a bit too much info. That's how I roll. I am very honest and can't stuff the feelings anymore. Suffice to say, I love and miss my mom. Have a wonderful weekend all. I am heading to the REN FAIRE in Apache Junction tomorrow. Time for a bit of fun now. HUGS to all.
Hi CelticPoet

There are no words, however kindly meant, that can assuage the deep pain of such a loss... there are of course the usual homilies such as 'time is a healer' - and however trite that sounds, it does happen to be true.

Eventually grief gives way to deep sorrow, and later still to sadness and wistfulness as we gradually begin to remember happier times with those we have lost.

I'm sure you will have found writing this poem cathartic. My kindest regards to you.

A very touching heartfelt Tribute. So sorry to hear of your sad loss Celtic hug
Your mother's light is one that will never dim, for that same light lives in you too.. as does her guiding strength.
Sending love & Light your way with blessings bouquet teddybear purple heart
Good morning Bill & Lady Morgana... Thank you both for taking the times to comment. I am DEEPLY touched and moved by what you both had to say. I am speechless and sincerely grateful for the connections I've made here on CS. I am glad my mom's suffering is done and Bill, your words ring true. I got through yesterday with crying only once. I am resigning myself to her loss and slowly picking up the pieces. I have stories to tell about all this, and I will share them in time. Have a lovely weekend and know you all made a difference in my life with your caring. Celticgift
HI all. Still hanging in there. Haven't felt much like coming online. I know this will pass. It's almost 3 weeks now and I had a great horned owl visiting me the last three weeks and suddenly it went away. There was something very peaceful about that owl being around. Can't explain it. I read all your comments over again and I realize how lucky I am for the folks I've found here. Thank you for lending a hug. Celticgift
Your Mum’s gone but not forgotten
Although she had to part,
Your Mum is there in Heaven
Leaving you a broken heart.

Your brain is your computer
Whilst living it will last,
Retrieving fondest memories
You both shared in the past.

Remember! all the good times
The times you used to share,
Close your eyes and see your Mum
And forever she’ll be there.
trurorobonline today!
Very sad and yet a good rememberance poem, hope the pain eases for you over time.
Repeat, THANK YOU for taking the time to compose a poem as your reply. That was very kind of you and thanks for the good wishes. It means a lot. Blessings to you in return. Celtic
Rob, thank you for reading my poem and leaving me with some comfort. It's been rough going lately and I know this will all pass. I'm giving myself a break, and a chance to get through this, but grieve where I must. Thank you all!~ Celtic
Touching write Celtic,I hope you're holding in there.Best wishes to you my friend...hugshug
Hi Poet, hanging in there the best I can. Today was better. I am so blessed for all the poets here who have taken the time to comment and care. I am so grateful for your friendship, one and all. Celtichug
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