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A TALE of TWO FISHES....Star Sign Challenge

We two, the same,
One for fun, the other takes the pain,
One,wants to know,
The other, quite happy going with the flow,
One looking for challenges anew,
The other, just wanting life experiences to accrue,
Not two people....Just one and the same,
A tale of two fishes, simple and plain!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2013
About this poem:
Pisces ....Born 5th of

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Comments (11)

Love it andreaw.....great job!! Enjoyed reading the similarities of 2 that's really 1 of the same!!applause :

thumbs up head banger
Thank you very much Cherry, good to see you are still around, pleased you enjoyed it.....Andrew...xxxcool
My most respectable Sir Andrew, It is so much of a pleasure to read all your writes. And for this I am forever grateful.

As you may have noticed, I metamorphosed from windyweatherly to smmerwind. Yet I am and still the same. Just a little tweak in the name. But in essence, it is still am, your true and loyal friend.


Nicely done..Thanks for participating in the challenge...Kenthumbs up
esteem poet. . I have not read your poems before and had a flimsy mention of you before
now I'm in the presence of a simple brilliant writer
thank you for your poems
trurorobonline today!
True Andrew, us fishes do seem to live in two personas, nice write.
niah9online today!
And for two fishes the star sign, reminds me I said Happy Birthday to you on Face Book, weaver of great write, and cake party danceline group hug happy birthday Kathy
Hi, andrew149,
Happy Birthday!
One,wants to know, The other, quite happy going with the flow...
Sounds as if "one and the same" has the best of both worlds. Nice to read your work again.
Thank you summerwind...pleased you enjoyed it.....Andrewcool
And happy birthday, my dear celebrant. I wish we can have a get together once in a while, all of us so that we can have the needed camaraderie if only to glue us even mor

But, at best we do connect through our beautiful contributions and this I am forever grateful, with my love, too, of course.


Phyllisteddybear gift cheers hug yay handshake
happy birthday danceline balloons beverage delivery buddies Happy Birthday Andrew :)

Your Tale of Two Fishes..Is a very fine double offering, Rally enjoyed the balance in this :) Thank you for joining in Andrew, appreciated dancing
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