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2 poems


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Posted: Mar 2013
About this poem:
I have all the poems submitted in my challenge they they all are soooi gooid
If i can find time i would comment on all.
For now thank you!

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Comments (9)

This is pure genius Kick..2 poems..What can I say?
I will spend centuries peeling layer by layer the
deeper meaning of this linquistic marvel..But a
wonderful lady who lives on the rivers edge will
assist me..grin
I have to search for a deeper meaning to these two ghostly poems Mike lol.blues
man its hidden
I can't see it!
must be some invisible button
or switch. . .
Cafe your comments are such a delight thank you but.

It would be just so perfect if I could send you and the misses basket off fruit.
Sitting by the rivers edge for a decade is long long time. Dont marvel so much at the 2 poems you have a lady to attend to. Would be such a tragic turn if those 2 poems got in the way of attending to a maiden beauty..

Dont need to search too deep they are right there. Where it says poem poem...lmao..
Thank my friend for a visit of my intentional blunder..
What can I Say its all in black and whitelaugh
Hi kickit

This one passed me by...
I would say a nice and in-sight-full- take you have on
2 poems.

One wonders?..
Two a second take?..

Mmmm Thinking
Food for thoughthandshake
these two poems..
it's like 'they came, they saw, they conquered' laugh

I understand your excuse of writing this is because you are too busy Mike. Well said. I used to own a ssmall trucking company and boy, you can't even scratch your head. My exfather in law for all his life 60 yearsf and we sort of jump on it on the last years and we had to get out because it is way too high PACE and then money was just not that good. But you are your own broker owner operator and it is a lot better.

So on the poem I compose for you its so amazing and some did great jobs, too.

Don't work too hard okey?
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