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Substaintial Self Stability.

To Satan herself,
keep savin' yourself!
I was wrong to think,
I needed your help!

I will create, to be my own power!
You won't get the better of me if I do not let you!
I will controll, what all is that affects me!
So sweet, so sour, enemies so freindly...
Analyzing too much. Overreacting. Thinking too much.
Blowing things out of proportion. Adding fuel to fire!
By disecting situations. I am making things worse!
I must feel I'm in controll! Must avoid the hell below!
Ignore your voice in my mind! & when I step outside the lines!
Must tighten my grip!
I devide then multiply on the fly flippin' scripts!
I will either resolve this life or this life will desolve!
Stop repeating the past & at last learn to evolve!
Not only to center with self but with others involved!
Close human intereaction is lost ,thats far from false!
Efforts at breaking addiction, my patients breaks as well!
Relapse, keep slippin' 'N trippin' down the spiral to your hell!
Habbits will not change overnight! Amends!
Sadness in poor me I need help to my feet by my friends!
Intense feelings of fear with no permission!
I feel weak when I'm insecure in deep depression!
A man with a heart within a human on a mission,
with impressions of rational fear pressing it's wrath,
Gradually overcoming hurting those closest to me who watch my back,
only because I am hurting. Amends!
I am truly sorry to all of my friends!
No longer will I sit & waste my time, with overflowing obsessive worrying in my mind!
I was destracted by things I could not controll, I'll pull myself from these trench's as I have before!
Time is working against me & I am fighting back! I turn into my problems instead of turning back!
Discovered abilities to visualize!
No more excuses for no more lies!
I see, how we, could be!
Naturally & by choice!
Not by force...or luck...
But with classy poise.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2013
About this poem:
Stability! Poise. Keeping optomistic.

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