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9Zero, 3Two5Four, 6Nine is 1Seven!

Sick of this feeling I've been left behind.
Sick of this feeling I've wasted a good life!
Inflicted inside to feel stuck in the past,
as I think of my hatred I hysterically laugh!
Because it won't go away, feels like it just happened yesterday!
Thinking of all thats been done, everything that you'd say!
Closing my eyes, feeling my soul full of hate!
It's uh, got to go somewhere so I,
focus & concentrate!
On your jaded face, your soul I'd love to break!
You've broken who I was so I reiterate, it's time to leave this place, this torment must fade, you are selfish & fake!
I just don't feel safe, like anywhere I go I'll fall into you're trap!
It's time to pull out this knife that you put into my back!
I wish I could have pulled out,
but I can't go back, 'cause it's a weakness of mine that I don't fail to lack!
But I learn from my mistakes, it's headstrong to never repeat them!
Makes me determined to take it to the end, this heart will slowly but surly meand!
Yet my mind is scarred for life!
disregarded mine!
Yet memories that have only just started,
to fuel my motivations, for complete closure,
entire separation, from self detatched human beings!
Selfish & numb! HA! HA!
Some kind of being! LOL.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2013
About this poem:
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The title had me confused..I never did like mathconfused But I feel the frustration and angst about relationships and life..its a hard road for some of us...there are others right where you're at bro..your not alone..drinking
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