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Mind Splinters.

I'm mourning the death, of someone who's alive!
Just got up, & walked out of my life! Feelings of lonliness, pain is at its heights, Home is not the same in long & cold nights.
Food is not the same when there is no appetite,
Remembering when she was mad she was still so polite, take & light the way, this town bites!
Everywhere are signs of her, trapped inside, thoughts of the darkest!
I know how to end it but first must figure where to start this!
To depart from this, thirst to cease my mind from being mis-read.
M.O.M. my bloody buddy says as my hearts mis-lead, reach a dead-end & settle in with the darkness in his head.
A red bloody red tears, "here's my soul" is what he said.
He told me "here you have it, 'cause I want your's instead!"
"& you'll never be the same", is what he's sayin', "You'll never win her games, so why you playin'?" "You're roots of love will change,
& now your changin', to something odd & strange." "& now your praying, to a god with no face, your prayer is freying, as it travels towards space." But I'm not saving, any little trace for any little heaven, I'm gonna leave this place in a haste when I turn 24 tripple 11 with a mac 10 or 357.
Turn away, I don't want you.
Turn around now your all mine.
Turn away, 'cause I don't want to.
Turn around now & your all mine.
This back & forth in my mind is killing me,
Can't escape it for a minute it's inside of me,
Haunting my mind in the night while I try to sleep,
Closes eyes leak, Motionless moving memories,
Quiet & sad shrieks, Pain illusions in deep dreams,
Feeling overlapse to tease sight, Imagining peace,
I feel it searing my eyes! The dark overpowers the light,
While my mind tries to dream, My body softly weaps...
For how long is a dream a dream before its the same for weeks & weeks?
When do you say a dream from a nightmare? How much more can I bare?
If its realisticly always there is that not a f#ck!ng night-terror?
Terrified & deadly scared, reality is my only friend.
Broken like rejected prayer's & accepted ways people vent.
How to tell the dead your sorry, when they show to read a night time story.
Grousom sexuality of loved ones & forgotten's rot in their minds.
They are jealous of my momentum. Forced to stare at 'em.
Even with my eyes closed I see & I cry, I sigh, for the light,
come tonight to end this childs frightened dreadful flight.
I miss the innocence or arrogance in absolute love & care.
All we had together was all so rare, couple meant to pair,
Torn from us & brought to despair, smothered & gasping for air,
Could've done something but didn't with lies so unfair,
Little miss know everything now 'cause you know how to cut hair!
You don't know sh!t! Your blind, your a b!tch!
Fake little snitch! With false presumtions! A witch!
Makin' up accusations leaking rumors like piss!
20 f#ckin' 6 throwin' fits like kids! This anger has me latched to the darkest of hell's pits!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2013
About this poem:
The darkness is surreal in this tomb.

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Comments (4)

Sounds like you're a little tired too're a very talented poet tho bro ...mad propsdrinking
i enjoyed this a bit like myself sometimes head in the clouds dreaming love and hate until it comes to pass lost an emotion comming to terms with reality you hit it on the headwine handshake
The magnitude of your loss sounds profound
May your weeping, your mourning, bring you
whatever ultimately heals your heart and


All you awesome people, wise with words, wide across the earth, inspire creative exerts of my experience since birth. This gorgeous, and I do mean gorgeous Earth!!! Love well worth while, a smile for what feels like years, i see my child through pride filled tears, wonder & thirst for answers, she blows a kiss, asking questions that can't make it through denial or bliss. She sees me when she looks in my eyes... She knows I won't miss a wish. For her, this love so worth while!
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