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The pain and fever are back tonight
Haunted hallucinations are all in sight
Shiver and shudder with hot and with cold
Nowhere to run, so I’ve been told
Bundled up from fear or flu
Suppression of memories all from you
This isn’t the first time, or the last
Reliving the demons of my past
With icy knife pressed to my neck
Trying to keep emotions in check
Words meant to torture, grunted so slow
I’ll never forget them, but you already know
You left me there beaten and shattered
Of course to you, none of this mattered
The smell of the drugs permeated my skin
Engraved in my memory, the barrier too thin
Morning shall come and wake me from sleep
I’ll bury these memories once again so deep
One day I’m sure that time will tell
You’ll find your demons and rot in hell
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2013

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That is beautiful to me Cloudy , I read it twice the last line rolled it home like a steam train full throttle.bravo.thank you for sharing now excuse me while i read.again .....jesseapplause
Great job with such searing experience and memories CloudySky

Wow great job Cloudy,you haven't lost a bit of your touch.Great poem! Nice to see you around.hug
wow well phrased and deeply profound i like it alot
it is meant to be read a few times
like a combo hit on the opponent
for maximum effect!
and the last one was a smash!!!
Lol this..the mix of emotions and memories,
Great delivery...they'll get theirs...drinking
Oops typo...."love" this...props again Cloudysky
Cloudy this one hell of a write
Zudos to youteddybear bouquet
Welcome back my friend. It's been a while.

Down there passing by when visied relatives down San Diego and wae raining wildly

Great piece my friend

Hi, CloudySky,
Words meant to torture, grunted so slow...You left me there beaten and shattered... Too many people, especially women, experience such pain at the words and hands of another. Your poem has powerfully captured Hell, with its icy knife pressed to...neck.
Wonderful, CloudSky, I would have to say you have witnessed the torture of which you write,and you write it so eloquently,but to look back on the situation and realize, there is satisfaction of knowing what someone reaped. Larryangel yay scold
Oh my Cloudy, I have lived this poem myself years ago. It hit home!~ I have felt this way and wished the same on the he who didn't see me or what he was doing. Thanks for keeping it real and reminding me of my path. Hugs.
trurorobonline now!
Deep with a lot of impact.
truly excellent i could relate beautifully wordedteddybear
CS nice to see you back with this powerful poem,great rhythm,feelyour pain dear.Time willtelland their deeds will reckon with them.heart wings hug
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