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March 25, 2013

Me, my blanket, and a picnic dinner,
nestled on the sands of Laguna Beach.
The nurturing sun at its highest point,
descends through the clouds to the ocean’s reach.

Clouds, like lovers, blush at the waning sun,
as if the two had kissed and now caress.
Evensong ritual, since time began...
I stare in wonder, almost envious.

I come to gather some rest and answers;
perhaps fill in voids since my last time here.
Mama ocean, she speaks to me in waves,
sharing her wisdom with such loving care.

Wave after wave, she cleanses my troubles,
pulling from me all my dark discontent.
Course sand abrades the most stubborn beliefs;
so carried away with each wave’s descent.

Seagulls hang on the wind, hovering near,
with their soul-piercing, resonating cry.
Sandpipers dare the swift waves like children,
to snap at and chase them, then off they fly.

The sky now painted with copper and crimson,
as the day’s finale takes one last bow.
All that was worry, melts from my being,
leaving me refreshed in the here and now.

All that here...and now.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2013
About this poem:
I read Paloma's poem Contemplation and this poem sprang into my mind. I couldn't get to paper fast enough. Odd how when that happens. Thanks for the unknowing nudge Paloma.

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Comments (6)

a lovely write the inspiration was well used love itteddybear bouquet
Thanks Shadow. I am amazed some days at the how of it all. I just smile and say thank you. Have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Celticwine
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reminds me of early morning on the sea..thanks for the memories
Thanks GGypsy for the kind words. I miss the ocean sometimes. There are lakes here and I am satisfied with being near water. It's not the ocean though. Blessings!~wine
Its Beautiful my dear,glad to have nudged you into writing this.

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Thank you kindly Paloma. I feel I'm on auto pilot this evening. Another poem just came through. This one is called Hello MOON. Healing comes how it come, right? Hugs.
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