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Colorless world of gray and white
timeless days one into another
hands at side not moving just there
laying growing inside festering to be
flame refusing to be distinguished
beating drum on auto pilot
clinging vines clasping to branches
knuckles white refusing to let go
then in the mist she rose
first just a small glimmer
fire spreading on dry branches
swift in flight soaring
higher and higher rising
cold held tenderly by warmth
a new day has begun

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Posted: Apr 2013

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Comments (17)

nicely done i enjoyed nice picture in wordsballoons
then in the mist she rose
first just a small glimmer
fire spreading on dry branches
swift in flight soaring
higher and higher rising
cold held tenderly by warmth
a new day has begun

Happy it is so nice to see you. It's been a while and I will never forget your comment on my "I AM THE WIND"

You made me cry. But this is so beautiful on the last line. A new day has begun..The picture reminds me of a beautiful sunsets I had the beauty and peace of witnessing. Or in this case the rising of a new day..

Thanks for sharing

You pic of a sunset the closing of a day and the arrival of a new day to arrive nice poem glade you shared this with us teddybear
Thank you dark horse. I am trying to figure out what happened to my picture. Yesterday it was so big and today it is so smalldunno Aww technology. grin
Cold held tenderly by warmth, love to love it Happy. Thank you for sharing...Jessehug
smmerwind it is so good to see you here. Hope all is well with you teddybear And I might say nice piccy of youthumbs up
Excellent descriptive poem. Rich poetical pictures foreboding the richness of nature. Thanks, Happy. peace
trurorobonline today!
Well described Sherri, love the imagery.
I very much enjoyed this Happygolucky.
.. Flame, fire, sun, rising.. new day..
Such a lovely movement within
It's really quite beautiful! Ty

This is so strengthening to read your great song of hope. A new day! Thank you!! heart wings daisy
Jyonnah I am shocked wow You hit the nail right on the head. That is exactly what this poem is about hope. I thought no one would ever figure that out. laugh At first all hope was dwindling away and then it refused to die out it came back to life. I am thrilled you got it bouquet
Thank you Wayne for reading my poem and commenting so kindly teddybear
Thank you fjames hope all is well your way teddybear
A gem of soulful beauty. You are a magnificent blessing
dear. angel
I like this Happy, the last line brings to mind the daily renewal of hope and optimism as exemplified in the song Memory from the Lloyd-Webber musical Cats...

A fine write

Bill gift gift
I want to thank each and everyone of you for reading this poem. I would like to tell you it means very much to me. teddybear
This is truly a gem of a poem Happy.hug purple heart
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