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Dare I

In the darkness of night my mind starts to wander
Bringing magical moments of thought
Of what might be if I let my heart go freely
But, dare I?

With phone held in my hand and number ready
A brief moment of conversation with you
Would surely bring you to my embrace
But, dare I?

To let you into my life and see my true inner being
Told hold your love to my chest, each beat
Pulling me closer to you and me – as one
But, dare I?

You bring me to my knees with one smile
Melting the walls built to keep safe my heart
Almost begging, you ask me to let the guard down
But, dare I?

I reach out and take your hand in mine
Fall deeply into the depths of sincere eyes
Smile at the reflection of love shining back to me
I dare.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2013

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Comments (12)

Sweet surrender to love! This is glorious, CloudySky! heart wings rose rose angel
ya! I dare you too. . !
fine piece. . . a lady's mind
go for it and reach the sky
Dare I, I enjoyed this Cloudy. Thank you for sharing...Jessewine
hi Cloudy very enjoyable you take the reader with you each step
fine pen ty for sharingteddybear bouquet hug wine
Lovely words,lovely words.I like your poem Cloudy.I hope all is welldancing violin thumbs up
Of course you are allowed to when you love someone.Enjoyed reading yourpoem CS.hug bouquet bouquet
a truly enjoyable read teddybear
Very very sweet Cloudy.kiss
I enjoyed this poem very much. I say dare you yes! Wishing you happiness. angel
Thank you all so much for you kind words. It means a lot. hug
Hi CloudySky

Dare I

What a beautiful write...
I loved it from start to finish.
Thank you for Sharing
hug wave
At last I have come back to reading poetry,I like your poem and I think you have opened the lives of so many of us, many of us who only have the memories of those occasions now. studecar hug
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